Sunday, October 31, 2010

Emmy's 4-month update

Emersyn is by far easier than Grace as a baby, and Grace was a great baby, so we are blessed. The only difference seems to be sleep schedule. Emmy got used to being awakened every three hours and although she can sleep for longer stretches, she tends to do that whenever she wants, rather than whenever mommy wants.
She's 15 lbs 2 oz and 25 1/2 inches long at 4 months. She's rolling from tummy to back and almost from back to tummy. She has amazing head control and had her first ear infection this week. She LOVES the swing, and Grace wasn't a huge fan. She tried rice cereal for the first time this week, and we'll have to spend a good amount of time getting used to it but she didn't reject it entirely.
Here's a little bit of her talking with her her mouth!

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