Thursday, June 24, 2010

Emersyn's Arrival

When I was pregnant with Gracie 5 years ago plus, I started having high blood pressure and increased liver enzymes ( a sure sign of preeclampsia) at week 20 - 4 1/2 months and 1/2 way through the pregnancy. Not good. I was monitored very carefully, put on modified and then strict bedrest, and she was delivered by C-Section on the first day of week 37. 7 lbs. 8 oz, 19 1/2 inches long.
We tried for many years, finally resulting in this current pregnancy. I have been issue free (mainly) for the first 32 weeks. Awesome. Thought I might avoid preeclampsia this time. It can happen. Oh no. This little sassy girl not only contracts pre-e, but gets a severe case called HELLP, which stands for high blood pressure, increased liver enzymes and low platelets. So when I had a dr. appt last wednesday scheduled but knew my dr was concerned that I'd get pre-ec again, I moved the appt to Monday. That resulted in near daily tests, lab work and monitoring. I really don't mind because I would recommend my dr to any and everyone (Sielaff if you ever need one) and I know he'll take great care of me. He delivered Grace, cured my mom's cancer and saved my life this very week.
So this Monday, I had another dr appt, a day shy of 34 weeks, and went into the appt, prepared to be monitored afterward - book, water, in hand. I hadn't been feeling well, and the drs (Sielaff and Carroll - who is my distant relative - and my primary physician) consulted and decided to put me on aldomet, a high blood pressure medication. Once I started on that med, I began having some palpatations and racing of the heart, but not the pulse, and shortness of breath. I recorded it all and told him of my struggles Monday, so up to Monitorland again I go.
Then he ran lab results and the second time the girls asked me what, if anything, I had eaten that day, I knew I was going to have surgery.He came in and explained that although he wanted to get to 36 weeks, Emersyn and I were in danger. I had come down with HELLP syndrome and it appeared to be caught early, which if isn't results in a seizure in the mother that can kill both mother and child. She had to be delivered today.We weren't concerned about her size as she was measuring at least two weeks ahead of schedule, but her lungs....
He knew the best chance of my daughter's lungs doing well was to be at St. John's so he sent me there via ambulance, but wanted to do the C himself. This doesn't happen very often - that a doctor takes over the operating room of another hospital and that a hospital lets him for a patient, but that happened for Emersyn and her family. We were transferred to St. John's via ambulance (we were the second/third patients in it ever - it still had the "new car" smell - weird, eh?). Upon arrival, the EMT noticed some palpatations, so we got an EKG (Emersyn's initials mixed up) when we arrived, then prepped for the OR. Ryan quickly packed a bag and brought it to Springfield. Gracie stayed with my parents and the Keiths made a mad dash from Pincknveyville, yet again. Last time - we promise!
So by 11:30 p.m. (appt started at 4:15, remember) we were in OR, and had a horrible anesthesiologist (long story short, I was polite but shouldn't have been when I stopped counting pricks at 40), and after 30 minutes, he finally let someone else try, who got the spinal in my back in one try (thanks, Nick!) and away we went. Emersyn came into the world groggy because of the anti-seizure medication, but mostly healthy - just needs time for her lungs to develop.
Cardiologists came in today to ask if we planned on having more children. I said, "I don't know, can we?" He said, "No. It's only going to increase in severity and then you'll have two girls without a mother." End of discussion.
So my two beautiful girls, their awesome daddy, and the two pups and I will ride off into the sunset of Campus View Drive just as soon as we can get Emersyn home.
I've been to see her in NICU and sobbed. She is by far the biggest kid in there, but she's still so fragile. She's mainly breathing on her own and the dr. says she should be off vent within 24 hours. Then she can eat whatever mommy is providing so I better start eating great protein.
In the meantime, we watch my family members love on this little blessing. (Little is a relative term in the NICU - she's the bully of the group at almost 7 lbs. :)).
There's the story so far....Glad to be here, glad to have my girl, can't wait to meet her face to face.
Love you! :)