Monday, May 25, 2009

And baby turns four...

In seven days, our little girl will be FOUR years old. I know it's not that long ago that we were anticipating her arrival, wondering how the next few and more years would turn out. I just didn't really imagine loving something as much as I love my girl. I am so very proud of her and glad that I'm a girl, so when I tear up writing that statement, it doesn't get me mocked! She's really so very smart - shockingly smart. She's so excited to be a "big girl" and thinks she's able to be four and five on the same day so she can catch up to her big girl cousin Madison who will start kindergarten in the fall. Slow down, my big girl. There will be plenty of time to grow up. One of my students used woods class to make a huge doll house that will eventually turn into a book shelf when she's older and maybe be passed on to more kids or her kids when she's old enough (like 40) and she's getting a bike for her birthday. This summer will be swimming lessons, tumbling and dance, and will fly by, but for this morning as I listen to her answer Diego's questions on the TV and laugh at those silly monkeys, I look back at her beginning.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Papaw Bobcat

While reading through an animal book while putting Gracie to sleep, we came across a bobcat and a leopard. Here's the conversation:

Mommy: See, a leopard has spots all over. This bobcat only has spots on his belly.

Gracie: Like Papaw Tallcake (my father-in-law).

Mommy: Huh?

Gracie: Bobcat is like Papaw because his name is Bob.

Mommy: (laughs) That's true, honey. I thought you were telling me Papaw had spots on his belly.

Gracie: No, mommy. That's silly!